Marriage Success – 2 Helpful Insights

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Marriage Success — 2 Helpful Insights

The post on “marriage success” will be short, but meaningful.  Brief, but worth pausing to reflect about: especially as we think about our relationship mission and our purpose based actions that focus on building up our marriages in Christ.  

The First Helpful Insight For Marriage Success

Simply said, this value in relationships to marriage success is crucial: 

We Are To Value…
Commitment over instant pleasure,
And faithfulness over short-term displeasure.

The whole topic of “instant pleasure” could be elaborated upon in great detail, but there can be a “Danger Ahead” signal attached to the topic.  And the danger signal is satisfying instant, ungodly pleasure…

At the wrong time,
For all the wrong reasons,
Which usually means experiencing wrong, hurtful results.  

We commit to defeat instant pleasure.  We commit so that porn does not rule, Jesus does.   We commit the eyes and heart to Jesus so that commitment rules instead of failing to commit.  

When faithfulness rules, short-term displeasure is replaced by long term dedication to “make things work.”  Maturity rules instead of immature and often disastrous results.  \


We Are To Value…
Commitment over instant pleasure,
And faithfulness over short-term displeasure.

The Second Helpful Insight For Marriage Success

Simply said, this “communicational value” can be critical for marriage success: 

I Am To… 
Tell less than I feel
That I may learn more than I know.  

“That sounds really weird, Lee: what’s it mean?”  

Answer: it has to do with the art and practice of listening well.  

When “I must give my opinion at all costs” and “I must give it now” rules the roost as a communicational pattern… 

Sincere, heart-felt communication can begin to subside and it also stands a good chance of being defeated: not good!  

We listen because we are committed to care.
We listen carefully because we show love when we do. 
And we listen before we speak to learn how to show love as we do.  

Must we always tell less than we feel?  No.  In fact,  many times we must share how we feel: the other person needs to know it.   However…

We need to be self-controlled enough to learn,
Loving enough lay aside immediate reactions,
And wise enough to engage in the art of heart-felt communication — by choice


I Am To… 
Tell less than I feel
That I may learn more than I know.

And Your Marriage Success Takeaways Are?

In taking in what has been said, should I journal anything? 

Do any immediate, from-the-heart impressions or ideas come to mind? Do I need to take action anywhere?  


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Following about a three year search for God, Lee trusted Christ as Savior in 1967 as young Marine. He has served as an outreach pastor and a church planter. The Lord also led him to serve as the Director of Internships at Baptist Bible Seminary in Clarks Summit, PA where he served for over 20 years. Lee loves to write, has a strong desire to be a positive influence for Christ in our world, and is passionate about family. And speaking of family, he and his wife Sherry (who served as a Director of Elementary Education for many years and recently retired) praise the Lord for being married 44 years, their 3 daughters and son-laws, and 7 grandchildren! Lee and Sherry would say: "We've been abundantly blessed."