Open Letter to Pastors On Spirit-Led Success…

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“Now this I say, he who sows sparingly will also reap sparingly, and he who sows bountifully will also reap bountifully. Each one must do just as he has purposed in his heart, not grudgingly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver…” ~ 2 Corinthians 9:6-7. (NASB)

Dear Pastor:

It’s not that times are changing.

It’s that times have changed.

People are hurting. They are scared. They feel lost.

Many feel betrayed, and sense that their best days are behind them. They no longer believe that the rest of their life will be the best of their life.

They are stressed-out… burned-out… and running on empty.

Physically. Emotionally. Spiritually.

Right there in YOUR congregation.

This is exactly WHY we are putting the Believer’s Guide for Discovering God’s Plan in your hands. You see, we invested millions of dollars and 25 years in serious research and development to create a Gold Standard System for achieving personal and professional excellence in the lives of everyday people… people like yourself and those you serve.

As you will see just by reading the Preface written by Dr. John Edmund Haggai (one of the great Christian Leaders of our time)…

“The Believer’s Guide will captivate you. You won’t be able to ignore the content. You will find it useful, inspirational, and motivational. Acting on it will glorify God through behavior consonant with Scripture.” ~ John Haggai, Founder and Chairman, Haggai Center for Advanced Leadership

This system combines our unique tools for accelerated personal growth — within the framework of prayer-inspired Divine Guidance — to help people become a “Spirit-Led Success” — success characterized by a heightened capacity to Love… Serve… and Glorify God in every choice they make and every action they take.

Release Champions of Spirit-Led Success within your church, and you will change the lives of your entire congregation. This is not hype or marketing buzz. As the world’s leading publisher of virtual training products for personal and professional excellence, it is our unconditional guarantee.

The economy has taken its toll and your people are praying for a miracle to extricate themselves from the clutches of failed hopes, dreams, and expectations. They want to feel their lives matter and that they can achieve a modicum of success in every area of their lives: personal, professional, and spiritual.

Yes, we are talking about people in your congregation… your community… your charge.

You know — you intimately and often painfully realize — that many of your people want to feel more successful, not to just watch their hopes and dreams die on the vine… unrealized… unfulfilled.

Put simply, they want to know God’s Plan for their life.. and find Authentic Direction as they move forward with Grace and Faith.

1. Your people desperately want a closer relationship with the Lord, and to embolden their faith. Many desire a closer relationship with the Lord, they want to serve to the fullest extent possible, and they yearn to experience the spiritual fruits of being disciplined in and by the power of Jesus. In short, they desire to feel from deep within their own “personal proof of faith ” and glorify Jesus as they do. Spirit-Led Success puts Christ at the center of this prime spiritual mission.

2. Your people desperately want to grow personally each day… to improve their power to produce meaningful results in their lives. Many want to feel alive and vibrant… not weak and aimless. Yes, as you know, people right there in your congregation are praying for a deeper faith and greater success. This cannot be denied. It must be embraced. Spirit-Led Success puts Christ at the center of this all-important second personal mission.

3. Your people seek — and some desperately need — to smooth out the wrinkles in their relationships, to strengthen their marriages, and empower all the people in their lives to reduce the drama and enhance the bonds of friendship and love. Spirit-Led Success puts Christ at the center of this all-important third and far-reaching relationship mission.

4. Your people seek — and some desperately need — to find greater meaning and purpose in the church and their community at large. They long to feel needed, and to serve Christ with excitement and enthusiasm. They want to not only lead like Jesus but to become Disciples in the true sense of the word. Spirit-Led Success puts Christ at the center of this fourth, church/community mission.

5. Finally, many of your people seek — and are desperately praying for a career path — from startup to retirement and beyond — that is both, emotionally and financially rewarding. They want work that makes them feel fulfilled. They want financial freedom. They want to link their spiritual life with their career path… to create a powerful force-multiplier in their lives. Spirit-Led Success puts Christ at the center of this fifth major career/financial mission.

Clearly, to serve your congregation effectively — to remain eternally relevant in people’s lives — you must focus your ministry on EACH of the above issues — Faith, Personal Growth, Relationships, Discipleship, and Financial Achievement — not just one or two — as they are completely interrelated and intertwined.

• How much growth will you see in your church if people fail to grow personally?

• How much success will you find in your career if you lack the boldness that accompanies deep and abiding faith?

• How long will relationships last in the vortex of financial turmoil, weakened self-efficacy, self-confidence, and self-esteem?

Clearly, Christ has promised to reside at the center of our lives… the center of our key choices and actions. We not only believe this but accept it as fact.

No question, your people want answers to some very complex issues that span the spectrum from “Why am I here and what am I supposed to do with the only life I have to live?” to the biggest question of all, “Just how in the world can I make this happen… to live a life of service in His Glory… and achieve outstanding personal, family and financial success?”

Over the years, we have found that success in life is not just a spiritual issue or a secular issue… it is BOTH… and must be addressed accordingly. This is why we created The Believer’s Guide to Discovering God’s Plan For Your Life.

When you receive the Believer’s Guide, you will hold in your hands a ministry tool designed to engage your congregation in a remarkable new form of Discipleship and Leadership… a tool created to deliver Spirit-Led Success throughout your church… a tool prayerfully crafted to help people:

 Love God intentionally,
Serve God passionately,
And Glorify God consistently.

As you will see on the various pages on this site, The Believer’s Guide to Discovering God’s Plan For Your Life. was built from the ground up to help you — both personally and professionally — achieve YOUR 5 most important missions in life: Your Faith Missions… Your Personal Missions… Your Relationship Missions… Your Church/Community Missions… and your Career/Financial Missions.

Our Mission is to create Champions of Spirit-Led Success in your congregation — leaders — leaders who will help your individual members develop a heightened capacity to deliver on Christ’s mandate to Love, Serve and Glorify God in our very being.

You will find that this program is easy to implement and will produce immediate positive results. It helps people systematically arrive at a brand new Starting Point for their walk with Jesus… a powerful new point of conviction that naturally leads them to seek and summon the courage to BE like Jesus is … and…  DO like Jesus would have them to do!

All we ask is that for you to:

1. Review  this system with a discerning heart;

2. Pray  for guidance; and

3. Proceed to offer this system to men/women in your church who are interested in helping others achieve a higher level of commitment to the Word.

We realize that the times are very challenging and that your charge to grow a vital, living church — to actually BECOME CHRIST’S BODY ON EARTH — is more challenging than ever before.

We have had substantial success over the last 25 years in helping people from all walks of life, throughout the world. As you look out from your pulpit to the faces in your congregation, you will see those who, together, we can immediately help:

  • The overwhelmed single mom working 2 jobs… and is losing hope by the minute…
  • The shocked man of 57 who has just been “right-sized” out of his six-figure job… and is now a temp at Home Depot assembling grills and gazebos…
  • The heartbroken 52-year-old woman who just lost her husband of 30 years… and has to start over from scratch…
  • The highly successful Entrepreneur who is now looking to make a big difference in his community… and the world at large…
  • The struggling, newly-married twenty-somethings… who are facing staggering student loan debt and all they have to show for their education so far is a 3-inch stack of job rejection letters…
  • The highly skilled men and women returning from service in the Gulf… and no jobs to return to…
  • The middle-aged couple who is in marriage counseling for the third time… trying to find a shared sense of value and purpose… a reason to keep their marriage alive…
  • The mom and pop grocery store owners who have been praying for a miracle… to keep their little shop alive in the face of staggering competition… and are slowly working themselves to death…
  • The woman who has shattered the glass ceiling and is now looking for a bigger challenge… and a lot more meaning in her life.
  • People battling clinical depression… battling cancer… battling all forms of medical issues who need to look beyond their illnesses… and find a REASON for hope… a REASON to put their whole heart into the battle.
  • People who have given up all HOPE for living their dreams… people who have lost the COURAGE to see themselves WINNING… people who have started to believe that the worst of life is inevitable… and there is nothing they can do to turn their lives around.

The common thread is people who are looking to renew, restore, reinvigorate and recreate their lives… and are looking for the Starting Point for making the REST of their lives, the BEST of their lives.

Our prayer is that you take this message seriously and pass this system along to those who are committed to achieving Spirit-Led Success.

If you have any questions and want to discuss this program further, please contact us…

God Bless,

Gregory H. Cunningham and the entire
Believer’s System Development Team