The Believer’s Guide for Achieving Success On Purpose: Winning YOUR 5 Most Important Missions In Life.

Q. What is The Believer’s Guide To Achieving Success on Purpose? 

5 Golden Missions Cover

A.  The Believer’s Guide To Achieving Success On Purpose is a prayer-based, Spirit-Led, innovative approach that takes an individual believer through a process of creative discovery to bring Clarity of their authentic Values, Visions and Roles that immediately begins to transform their heart and mind; to start actually producing positive results from their individual convictions to start doing the right things, for the right reasons, the right way, at the right time; ultimately guiding them to Spirit-Led Success by putting into practice Jesus’s instructions for us to love more, serve better, and glorify God in EVERY decision we make and every action we take.

To achieve this Holy purpose, this program provides a measurable, systematic, sequential process that unites a believer’s Christian and personal values with their individual interest and talents to arrive at specific roles and goals they can take on to fulfill God’s purpose for their life here on earth personally, spiritually, and professionally.

As a result of understanding and completing this process for creative discovery, people become crystal clear on their most important Christian values, absolutely convinced of what they are meant to do next in their daily life and totally committed to achieving specific Spirit-led missions in this life as they fulfill their higher, spiritual purpose for the next encounter with whomever God puts in their path.

As promised in the subtitle, this system is key to helping people WIN their 5 most important missions in life:

  1. Their FAITH Mission: Deepening their relationship with Christ…
  2. Their PERSONAL Mission: Increasing their personal strengths and eliminating any weaknesses driving their performance — personally and professionally…
  3. Their RELATIONSHIPS Mission: Strengthening their personal, family and business relationships…
  4. Their CHURCH/COMMUNITY Mission: Empowering the Body of Christ here on earth to truly become the hands, feet, eyes, arms, and heart of Jesus in every choice they make and every action they take.
  5. Their CAREER/FINANCIAL Mission: Developing their God-given talents into powerful skills to achieve exceptional results.

What the Believer’s System delivers is a heightened level of Personal Success With Divine Guidance — what we call Spirit-Led Success.

With the Lord standing by their side as they do this vital work, each person will find that which they need most: Direction and directions. They will find a strong sense of passion and purpose in their life — what we call Natural Mission and Authentic Direction.

Maybe for the first time ever, they will see the direct connection between what they VALUE most in life… VISIONS for all the possibilities and potentialities in their life… and more importantly… discover how to create and nurture empowering ROLES for actually living their values and achieving their visions.

By “triangulating” their Values, Visions and Roles into an entire series of Natural Missions, participants will find true Clarity and Conviction.. with the Courage to Commit to taking the bold actions necessary to live God’s Plan for their life. As a result of following this Spirit-Led System, people find that they grow closer to God while increasing their personal success… making the REST of their life the BEST of their life.

The truth is, just talking about God’s Purpose for your life takes you nowhere. Only by Performing On Purpose will you ever become a Success On Purpose. This is what He wants for his Believers… and what Believers want out of their relationship with Him.

You Glorify God by Becoming the BEST you possible. Think about it.

The Believer’s Guide is a program that can be completed individually, by married couples or in the fellowship of a small group. Designed to be a tool of ministry, it is a richly rewarding, step-by-step resource that helps answer the question in every believer’s mind and heart, “What am I supposed to be doing with my life right now?”  Once an answer is identified, the Believer’s Guide then continues on to help answer the next obvious question which is, “And how in the world am I going to succeed in making that happen?”

To insure that each person finds the Truth about this revolutionary new system, we have made the entire Believer’s Guide For Achieving Success On Purpose available for review and prayerful consideration. If you want to see what this program is all about before continuing, download the eBook Edition Free…

“The Believer’s Guide will captivate you. You won’t be able to ignore the content. You will find it useful, inspirational, and motivational. Acting on it will glorify God through behavior consonant with Scripture.” — Dr. John Edmund Haggai, Atlanta, Georgia

Q. Where are your glowing Testimonials?

A. Over the last 17 years, our parent company, ThinkTQ, Inc., has helped millions of people achieve success beyond expectations. We are the world’s leading publisher of virtual training products for personal and professional excellence.

We have thousands of testimonials and success stories. But, this program does not rely on such testimonials, as we fully expect you to determine its value to you, your congregation and those around you — personally.

Because this is such a personal, Christ-led program, we fully expect to prove that it works right there where YOU are… right there in YOUR community… right there in YOUR church… right there in YOUR home. We could tell you that it worked in Tampa, Tulsa and Topeka… for Baptists, Lutherans and Catholics… but the only testimonial that matters is yours. No, we do not expect you to BELIEVE what we say, which is why we are more than willing to PROVE its value to you.

Our offer is simple. Order 2 units for review. Use them personally. Give them to Champions of your Life Groups or other spiritual leaders. Go through the system with your spouse and family.

Personally experience the spiritual awakening  as Christ enters your life and guides your choices and decisions. Do the exercises in Success On Purpose. If you do not have a heightened sense of mission, purpose and direction… if you do not feel the calling of Spirit-Led Success in YOUR life… simply return anytime within one full year and we will refund your purchase. Participate Here…

So, what can you expect when you engage The Believer’s System?

Ministers tell us they feel they have the right set of tools to help their congregation grow, both physically and spiritually. They feel they can now lead their congregations to a heightened level of commitment and success. They feel they are equipping a generation of leaders who will go on to live the Gospel of Jesus Christ. (Many pastors tell us that they were feeling stressed-out, burned-out and running on empty before they engaged their congregations to become Champions of Spirit-Led Success.)

Individuals who have completed this program feel a stronger sense of connection with the Lord and a commitment to living a good and righteous life. They feel a strong sense of connection to their values and an unstoppable sense of passion, purpose and commitment. Most report that it has smoothed out the rough spots in their life, giving them a heightened capacity to Love, Serve and Glorify God in their choices and actions.

Church Leaders tell us that the feeling of gloom over the future has been replaced with a growing sense of optimism. They report a willingness of members to become more actively involved in church functions, and rather than “shying away” from leadership roles, people more readily seek out active involvement.

Q. What does it mean for a believer to achieve “Success on Purpose?” 

A. If our purpose, between now and the time we join our Savior in heaven, is to love, serve and glorify Him, then success, within this context, starts with identifying individual courses of action that we can take to fulfill that purpose in a way that would please and honor Him.  The Believer’s Guide seeks the lead of Spirit and helps each individual purposely choose what they are going to do with their lives and their relationships so that their actions are successfully aligned with what Jesus would want them to do.

Once identified, this program then helps each believer demonstrate those unique and personal choices through purpose-filled actions of love and service as they live out their daily life.  By choosing to actually live a “Spirit-led” life, one is by this definition, a success at the only purpose in life that truly matters.

Q. Why do some people refer to this as the “Action Plan for Believers?” 

A. As believers, we know, without any doubt, that we are saved. We know that when we die, we will receive eternal life by the grace of God and Jesus Christ who died for our sins.  This faith gives us the absolute conviction that our eternal life with Jesus is guaranteed forever and there is no action we must take or anything we must do to succeed in “earning” this gift.

However, even knowing that our salvation is “secured,” some very important questions still remain such as:

“Now what? What am I supposed to do between now and then? What specifically should I be doing with my time right now to live the best life I can here on earth?”

As the leader of your church, you are, by far, the best person to help guide each of your followers in what Jesus expects of them in this world. We believe that God’s desire for our time on earth is to love and serve Him and all his creations for His honor and glory.  Summarized even more succinctly, we believe that what God wants us to do is love, serve and glorify Him. That is what we believe he wants us to do.

As Christ’s representatives in a needy world, we believe it is our duty to find ways that we can  demonstrate, in our own unique way, our love of Him and our love and concern for others in the service of and for the glory of God. And we believe that it is up to us, with Jesus at our side, to perform each mission of discipleship in the most successful way possible.

The Believer’s Guide is designed to help each believer create a personal mission that will help them fulfill God’s plan for every major area of their life. One of the greatest strengths of this program is that it is a procedural and systematic process that leads each person through a proven series of steps to arrive at an action plan – a mission – they can achieve to live their best life. Through this process, each believer reaches a point of clarity and conviction that inspires them to commit whole-heartedly to a specific course of action where they can live their most cherished Christian values in their own uniquely individual way.

Q. Who is this package for? 

A. The Believer’s Guide is for all believers who wants to create Spirit-led success in their life. It was created for every member in your congregation who is seeking to be more successful in each and every area of their life. This is true for those who are doing extremely well right now and those who aren’t.  It is for those who want to:

  1. Grow into a stronger, more personal connection with God.
  2. Grow and expand into the best person they can be in service to God and for his glory.
  3. Create more loving, supportive and empowering relationships with those they love the most.
  4. Demonstrate their discipleship in deeds of service to others in your church and community.
  5. Increase their material success and their ability to get the results they want in their career and workplace.

Q. How much time does it take to go through the Believer’s Guide? 

A. The Believers Guide is divided into 10 Sessions. If this program is completed within a small group study format, then one session will be completed each week. If you wish to go through the program on your own, it could be completed in as little as one long, concentrated weekend. A married couple could do the same or they could spend the rest of their lives together in a partnership of spiritual accomplishment as they continuously update their personal missions of love and service to each other and the world as a whole.

Realistically, to get the full value from the contemplation, meditation and inspiration that is a part of doing the personal work suggested within this program, it may take anywhere from a couple of weeks to a couple of months. The truth is, every minute spent on defining your life’s purpose in alignment with God’s calling could be the most important thing you can possibly do with your time right now.

In return for the time spent, regardless how long it takes, each person who completes this program will walk away with clearly defined missions for how they are going to live their best life from this day forward. They will know what they want to accomplish in five major areas of their life and will be absolutely convinced that their choices are consistent with what Jesus would want them to do.

Q. Is there any special training required to complete this Believer’s Guide or lead a life study group? 

A. No. The individual work to be done is all self-contained within this package. This means it is not necessary for anyone to have completed the entire program prior to leading a small group.

The work to be done is called out clearly in the Believer’s Guide and is supported by the Success On Purpose materials included in this package, a personal evaluation that will be delivered to your doorstep and your own Holy Bible. The instructions for how to proceed lead any individual, couple or small group through a straightforward, step-by-step process. No additional background of information is needed other than the materials provided in each Believer’s package, each participant’s heartfelt intent to succeed, and the help of the Holy Spirit.

A gifted leader is always a benefit to any group discussion, but no preparation is required of a leader other than potentially staying one session ahead of the group.

Q. Why would someone in your congregation want to go through this program?

A. The Believer’s Guide is designed to heal the sense of a loss of direction in the lives of so many and provide the means to help them succeed in fulfilling God’s unique purpose for their life. It is a one-of-a-kind resource for believers to create and follow a Spirit-led plan for thinking, saying and doing what Jesus would have them think, say and do – this side of heaven.

This call to follow Jesus is upon every believer and this special program serves as a guide to answer that call in a very fulfilling, Spirit-led way. It points people in the direction of Christ and hands them a unique, life-specific, hands-on resource for living as Jesus would have them live – and to live that life successfully.

Starting with each individual’s most important Christian values and beliefs, this process shows each person how to arrive at personally compelling dreams and real world goals that will fulfill His purpose for them here on earth. It is a process that is both life enhancing, and simple to follow. It will get each person in your congregation to a new starting point for living a life of genuine love, service, and meaning as defined by their Christian belief.

By identifying and clarifying their own unique personal calling in relation to their talents, interests and values, followers become completely convinced and absolutely committed to a course of action where they can live their best life as a testimony to their Christian beliefs. They will, maybe for the first time, uncover a true sense of meaning and significance in their current life as they actively pursue newly created Christian missions of great value and purpose.

Specifically, the Believer’s Guide will help each follower define a role and a course of action for how they will live their Christian beliefs and principles to achieve these five missions:

  • A Spiritual Mission to strengthen their personal relationship with God.
  • A Personal Mission to become the best he or she – they can be.
  • A Relationship Mission to love and contribute to those closest to them.
  • A Church/Community Mission to make a positive impact on their church and the world they live in.
  • A Career Mission to improve their skills at their vocation and provide the financial needs of those they love.

By following this program in prayerful dependence on the true and living God, members of your congregation will begin expressing each aspect of their lives with far greater enthusiasm and the confidence that they are going in the right direction and on the right track for themselves and for the glory of God.

The Believer’s Guide also includes tools to help each person accomplish their missions successfully – once they have identified what they are. 

Once each participant arrives at a specifically desirable role or vision, the Believer’s Guide then walks them through the logical sequence of setting appropriate goals aligned with God’s will and creating plans for how to succeed at accomplishing these “Spirit-led” missions.

By getting perfectly clear on what they value most and absolutely convinced that what they want to accomplish next is aligned with His desire, each person becomes extraordinarily committed to the pursuit of these newly defined missions. Driven by their most important values, they become inspired and motivated to do their best. They are strengthened by their belief in Him which gives them the courage to persevere as they proceed on their unique path for the glory of God.

Leaving no mission this important to chance, the Believer’s Guide includes a personal, systematic, self-paced training continuum that helps each person master time honored skills of personal productivity. This training, together with God’s hand, will give them the skills to increase their ability to make a real difference in the world and achieve their Spirit-based missions successfully.

This program offers a tremendous potential for those in your congregation to achieve the actual realization of a Spirit-led, transformed life.  The change is not automatic or necessarily easy.  But it can and will be very real for all who participate.  People who go through this process experience a deeper personal connection with Jesus as they connect with His guidance to overcome their real world challenges and the blessing of His hand in their successes in every area of their life.

Q. Why would a church leader recommend this program to their congregation?

A. As leaders, we constantly look for resources to assist us in helping others experience personal fulfillment in their daily walk with Christ.  As times change, so do the tools God uses to help His church grow. This new and unique resource provides you with a step-by-step, “here’s a way to define your life’s path,” on your Christian journey of actually living your faith every day.

This can be of incredible value because, as a leader yourself, you know that followers of Christ often feel confused and discouraged about what their “mission” is in the context of their life here on earth.  How many times and in how many different ways do we hear people share their feelings of not being fulfilled, of feeling lost – living lives without direction or simply “feeling down and out” in one form or another?

This program was created to end that confusion and defeat that discouragement.

It is designed to heal the sense of a loss of direction in the lives of so many. It does this by this pointing people in the direction of Christ and handing them a life-specific, hands-on resource for designing their life as Jesus would have them live.

As they proceed through this program, people discover how and where they can use their God-given potential as a contribution in their everyday world.  Christ is honored, His people are served, and those He desires to reach are embraced with His love through His people.

The Believer’s Guide does not require any pre-training of group leaders to be a success. It is a self-contained, self-study program that can be used individually, as a project for couples or as group discussion in small life-study groups.

The beauty of this program is that it combines a scientifically based program for the development of human potential with a proven formula for making use of that potential in the joy, grace and strength of Jesus.   It is a proven, systematic program that will help each participant fulfill their desired purpose of pleasing God. 

This program starts with clarifying a follower’s personal and faith-based values. It then moves on to identifying ways to express these values into individual visions for how each person can fulfill God’s purpose. This leads to a rock-solid conviction and an absolute commitment to succeed at the work to be done. Knowing the importance of the direction they are now headed, each person is empowered to take on their role in this mission with the courage to successfully live God’s plan every day of their life.

Every session of this program has tremendous value – each is insightful, engaging and equally rewarding for the time invested. Session after session, each person is shown a simple process for how to lay out a plan – a mission – that will give them their own way to follow Christ from the depth of their individual heart.

God wants each of your members to succeed in their life. From beginning to end, this program promotes living for Jesus at a higher level: achieving Spirit-led success if you please. As such, it also prompts believers to think in terms of moving through life with an increasing expectation of performing better at everything they do.  The potential benefit for your church is an ever increasing number of people who expect to excel more in their walk with Jesus… and having set that expectation for themselves, they then feel compelled to live up to this greater expectation of themselves within this program.

The people you serve desire to win at life, and those who are willing to make a serious attempt to follow Jesus will be given an opportunity to identify specific individual missions they can take on to live a daily life of success for Him in every area of their life.

The Believer’s Guide will energize and inspire all who participate to new levels of service.

At the core of our Christian belief is the desire to serve God and other people. This program shows each participant how to create missions “on purpose” in testimony to their Christian faith and their desire to serve others.

This prayer-based Believer’s Guide produces these personalized plans of action in a heart-felt alignment with the leading of God. It teaches and trains followers how to create and nurture specific roles they can perform to serve their Savior inside and outside the church.

It could be said that this program gives each person a chance to actually “walk their talk” by coming up with the direction and the directions for how and where to take that walk.

By participating in this program, people acquire the conviction to raise their hand, stand up and take on personal missions that support their belief. It provides a way for “the committed” to grow and live more passionately while they fulfill missions of service they are inspired to perform.  This can lead to a genuine personal transformation because it has been shown that people become engaged, grow and prosper as a result of putting their faith into action.

By challenging all participants to take their Christian beliefs and apply them directly to actual contributions of service – in real world situations – church members become more engaged in the day-to-day workings of the church and their community. This is accompanied by a deeply felt desire to pledge their best efforts so that they will successfully achieve these Spirit-led goals that fulfill their higher, holy purpose.

As a result of followers going through this program, people express their individually unique, purpose-filled convictions through visible actions for the glory of God, in service to the good of the people within the church, and the saving of people Jesus came to save.  This causes a ripple effect that swells throughout a church as it becomes populated with believers who are “on a mission” to fulfill their unique purpose of serving Jesus by serving His church here on earth.

The Believer’s Guide will also help you renew your own purpose and passion.

It can be so tempting at times to lose your own sense of purpose and passion as a pastor or church leader.  Should you also choose to participate, this program will help you re-engage with a personal plan for a renewed sense of your purpose as it relates to “the total you” in all of the major areas of your life including the role of “pastor” or “church leader.”

Whenever you get back in touch with your purpose, it re-energizes the passion for your life’s work. Since this program is built on the foundation of identifying and embracing your Jesus-inspired reasons for doing what you do, it will assist you too, in re-creating your heart-felt desire for living a Christ-centered, passion-filled life.

As leaders in Christ we “strive to lead well” that others may live well. This experience will help you model a life that says to others, “Follow me as I follow Christ.”  It will give you an opportunity to share, in real world terms, how you intend to realize your personal spiritual goals. With the use of this program, you can capitalize on your desire to grow in the power of Christ and lead others through the process in that same power at the same time.

If you do take on this unique opportunity, you will find that your purpose and your passion will also grow as you grow closer to those you lead.  As you invest in them, they will go on to invest in the lives of others you are serving through their demonstrated actions of Christian faith.  This will cause your passion to soar as you watch your church being filled and fulfilled while you grow in Christ and in the fellowship of other active believers.

Q. What will this program do for your church body? 

A. The Believer’s Guide will inspire a wave of spiritual growth inside your congregation. 

Spiritual growth is reinforced when spiritual beliefs are successfully put into practice. The sole purpose of this prayer-based study guide is to help people connect with God, love Him, and live lives that successfully demonstrate how they will follow Him as a result of their devotion.  This program does not promise to solve all problems, heal all wounds, correct all wrongs, or guarantee church growth… but by design it creates a partnership with the One who does.

This program helps create an authentic connection with Jesus in each believer’s life, and, by doing so, helps the church achieve its potential in living that way also as an entire church body. For example, the very first of the 5 missions created by each believer is to identify an active role and a specific goal for what they will do to increase their spiritual connection with Him.

From session to session, this Guide gives people a system for how to seek and capture God’s spiritual leading in their daily life for His success. “How is this done” you ask?  By employing exercises that help each person identify “the unique you” as Jesus has made you, and then by teaching each individual how to purposefully express that uniqueness out in the world as a testament to their spiritual connection with Him.  Think of this program as a way to empower people by connecting them with the power of Jesus.

The Believer’s Guide will promote a sense of community and connection within the church membership.

Churches tend to grow in numbers and in strength when they bond together.  One of the many benefits of this program, especially when performed in a group setting, is an emergence of a mutual commitment to one another.

Within the group sessions, participants are shown how to help each other discover and deepen their unique set of values and personal interests. Each person is given a chance to contribute to every other member as they create highly desired visions and roles that each participant can take on to live their best life.  This deeply personal process, where people speak intimately about their values and their most important interests and desires in life, creates instant bonds of connection and community within the group, and by extension, throughout the church body.

Through common fellowship, this unique system harnesses the power of personal values and the power of commitment in a community setting that results in a shared realization of personal growth in Christ.  This causes a very close spiritual community to be built as those who go through this process strive to help one another to follow Jesus at the highest level possible.

This program also creates a way for the leadership teams of the church to increase their sense of community while experiencing personal growth from the inside out. This is because each person, great or small, becomes mutually connected to every other person as all are aligned for one purpose – one successful outcome – which is to be of greater service to Him.

The Believer’s Guide will create a new level of participation and momentum within your church.

The church always has been – and always will be – in need of Christ-lead momentum.  One of the potential benefits of this program is an increased sense of a positive, God-honoring conviction within each participant that will give birth to a God-inspired movement in the lives of His people.

Whether individually, in a leadership team, or a small group – this program “adapts” to you and those you lead.  By providing a way to capture the movement of God in the daily lives of His people, you will simultaneously stimulate your “church growth and momentum” in His way, for His purposes, and by His design.

You will find that momentum grows naturally as more and more people take on the personal responsibility to be of service – and contribute their unique time and talents. Those who sign up for this program find new ways to cause needs within your church to be met, dreams to be realized, fulfillment to be felt, and Spirit-led opportunities uncovered and achieved.

This will be done in ways and means you can’t even imagine at this time. This is because personal discipleship can and will take on so many different forms – once it is shown how and where it can grow.  This program can unleash the unlimited potential residing in the pews of your entire congregation as a flood of individual missions combine to cause a discernible and desirable movement throughout the church body – all birthed naturally by people who have become inspired to contribute in their own unique way.

Movements within churches rise up when people move with passion, purpose and an ever increasing heart-felt sense of living how Jesus wants them to live.  When they do, additional church members become inspired when they see others – people just like themselves – who are successfully living their best life for Jesus in every major area of their lives.  When this occurs, the remainder of the church body desires to learn how they too can live more “on purpose,” and even more believers begin to fulfill their God-given missions to reach out to others for the cause of Christ.

Q. What are the costs, logistics, training, set up, promotional materials,  delivery, etc?

The Believer’s System is priced for value and affordability. Substantial quantity discounts are available. To review product pricing, Click Here…

There is no leader training necessary, as this system is fully contained. Simply follow the Session by Session progression, staying one Session of your group, and anybody with good communication skills can facilitate the Believer’s System.

Q. Who can I contact to find out more? 

Success International Ministries is a faith-based organization – welcoming families of all faiths and backgrounds while serving under the core-beliefs of the Christian faith.

Click Here For Contact Information…