Thinking WIN ~ WIN: What’s Important Now? What’s Important NEXT?

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When the Holy Spirit is in charge…lost people are getting found, and found people are growing up, and lonely people are getting enfolded, and bored people are finding a purpose and a cause, and the poor are being cared for.” ~ Pastor Bill Hybels

Once you have answered the calling to follow Jesus, and permit Him into your heart, two things happen, that, for many people, may seem contradictory:

First, an overwhelming PEACE comes upon you as you realize, emotionally, mentally and spiritually that you have been saved by His Divine Grace. You know your eternity has been “handled”, so the joy of living in the presence of the Lord fills your heart.

Second, an overwhelming UNREST comes upon you as you realize that you must now DO what Jesus would DO about the real-life challenges you face. You have to become His feet… His hands… His eyes… His heart… the embodiment of His will on Earth. The two questions that are always on YOUR mind as you go through the hustle and bustle of your daily life is: What’s Important Now… What’s Important NEXT?

Peace or Discontent? Both!

It is this “Holy Discontent” that Pastor Bill Hybels describes in his book, Holy Discontent: Fueling the Fire That Ignites Personal Vision.

You hear the whisper of the Lord prodding you to take some action, and you resist at first. The inner voice becomes louder and louder until you cannot “stands it no more”.  You get up off the couch and unite your body, mind and spirit into a powerful force-multiplier that moves you to action. Now what?

You have accepted the Mission to make a difference, indeed, to make the world different. The issue now becomes, do you have the personal POWER to WIN those missions?

God’s power is a given. He will stand by you.

But the real of it is, it is YOU who must perform the actions necessary to succeed. It is YOU who must stand and deliver in the face of  the challenges that inevitably arise. It is YOU who must actually USE your God-given talents to achieve the mission.

No question, WINNING your missions in Christ requires that you PERFORM up to the challenges so that you meet or exceed your expectations. Think about it. How else can you actually achieve the results expected unless you execute up to expectations?

The real question becomes, how do you know if you have the personal power to meet the challenges you will certainly face as YOU become the embodiment of Jesus on Earth… as you Love like Jesus… as you Serve like Jesus… as you Lead like Jesus?

There can be no Testament without the Test…

As you walk your walk, you will be constantly tested. As you continuously determine “What’s Important Now… What’s Important Next?” your will power and physical energy level will be tested… your power to achieve your goals will be tested… the power of your plans will be tested… your attitude will be tested… your ability to stay focused on your mission will be tested… your ability to create strong interpersonal synergy will be tested… your organization and time management skills will be tested… and your courage to take bold action will be tested. (These are what we call your 10 choices of Intentional Excellence.)

Why not put yourself to the test? Find out which area of your performance must be improved so you can do the Divine Work Christ has called you to do. If He has confidence that you will shine under the challenges, why not glorify Him by sharpen your skills even further?

It’s What’s Important Now…

Believers can TALK about doing great things in the name of the Lord… or they can DO great things in the name of the Lord.

God gave you free will. The power to choose.

Why not choose to become the BEST YOU possible?

Put yourself to the TEST… our TQ Test that is.

It will show you precisely where you are strong… exactly where you need help… and specifically what you must do differently to become what we call a Spirit-Led Success: the heightened capacity to LOVE more… to SERVE better… and to GLORIFY God in every thought you think and every action you take.

Yes, you CAN WIN your Missions In Christ. A great place to start is to Test your TQ and turn it up 20-30 points! Click Here to Learn More…




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