On Answered Prayer

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 Answered Prayer Suprised
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Speaking Of Prayer


  • The amazing gift of prayer… is that we can!  
  • Because of grace we pray, and because of the gift of being able to pray… we rejoice.  In fact, we stand in awe at times. 
  • During our special, “unique only to our perspective and realization moments” we, at times, are completely surprised by answered prayer: is not that wonderful? 

Reflecting More…

  • By any chance are you experiencing one of those unique “answered prayer moments” right now…or are you just now remembering one? 
  • What about if you asked the Lord something like this today: “Lord, I would love to see and be surprised by some answers to prayer today that, outside of your grace, I may not catch.  Help me to catch, rejoice and give praise today for any such moments you toss my way!  In Jesus’ Name, Amen!”
  • And don’t forget that journal!  What top two “surprised by answered prayer” moments would you record in a journal if you decided to do so? 

Your Takeaway For Today Is…

“My one, affirming, encouraging takeaway for today is__________________.” 

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Following about a three year search for God, Lee trusted Christ as Savior in 1967 as young Marine. He has served as an outreach pastor and a church planter. The Lord also led him to serve as the Director of Internships at Baptist Bible Seminary in Clarks Summit, PA where he served for over 20 years. Lee loves to write, has a strong desire to be a positive influence for Christ in our world, and is passionate about family. And speaking of family, he and his wife Sherry (who served as a Director of Elementary Education for many years and recently retired) praise the Lord for being married 44 years, their 3 daughters and son-laws, and 7 grandchildren! Lee and Sherry would say: "We've been abundantly blessed."