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“When God loves a creature He wants the creature to know the highest happiness and the deepest misery. He wants him/her to know all that being alive can bring. That is His best gift. There is no happiness save in understanding the whole.” ~ Thornton Wilder

You Alive…

The other day I was surfing the net, doing some research on a new project. As I was snatching and grabbing information at a record pace, a thought came into my head — totally out of left field and completely outside the range of anything I was looking for… “What does God want from me… really?”

A half a dozen clicks later I came across this gem. According to Thomas G. Long from the Candler School of Theology, there is a short and direct answer to the age-old question, “What does God want from and for us?”

The pastor who preached the sermon we call the Letter to the Hebrews felt the same tremor of terror in his own congregation. Worship had become for them “a blazing fire and darkness and gloom” (Heb. 12:18). People were staying away from services. They had drooping hands and weak knees from the heavy burdens of their religion. The problem?

At the center of their faith was a God always seeking compensation, a God seemingly incapable of satisfaction. Like ancient priests, these Christians trudged dutifully into the sanctuary bearing offerings. Week after week, year after year, they brought what they could, but without refreshment. “God, what do you want? A cereal offering, a bull, a ram? Do you want a tithe, a testimony, a guilty conscience? Do you want me to serve on four committees and run the night shelter? Do you want prayer without ceasing or a thousand signed petitions for peace and justice?”

No, God wants only one thing, said the preacher of Hebrews. Not an unblemished goat or a fat pledge card, not a gift to the building fund or a promise to walk across burning coals.

God desires this: a fully human life, a life well lived.

“The glory of God,” said Irenaeus, “is humanity full alive.” But, of course, a life truly well lived is the one thing we cannot, on our own, bring to God. So it was our brother Jesus who walked the same paths as we, experienced the same temptations as we, endured the same afflictions common to our humanity, but who never lost his bearings, never compromised his humanity. It was he who walked, as the high priest, into the great sanctuary and, on behalf of us all, placed himself into the offering plate, the one thing God truly desires: a human being fully alive. It was not pain and violence that God desired. It was human life as God created it to be, summoned it to be.

Become Everything God Created You to Be…

“Wow,” I thought, “this is the entire point behind our Believer’s Guide Spirit-Led Success initiative… a simple step-by-step process to help people become the success God created them to be.”

A few minutes after I found the above explanation, I sent it on to my partners, Greg and Kent. They too immediately got it!

God wants you to be fully ALIVE… to become the BEST you possible.

5GoldenMissions_COVER_RD3b_500He wants you to become a Champion of Spirit-Led Success — a true winner in every sense of the word.

He wants you to actually WIN your 5 most important missions in life… not dream about them… not talk about them… but to use your God-given gifts and talents to actually WIN all 5 (Faith… Growth… Relationships… Discipleship… Career.)

He wants you to Disciple others to help them become fully ALIVE — in the spirit and in the flesh — to also become Champions of Spirit-Led Success themselves.

He wants every member of every church on Earth to become fully ALIVE — to live His plan for our lives — not just making a puny little difference in the world… but with His POWER added to ours, to make the world DIFFERENT — a better place for all of us to call home for now.

No question, He wants you to become a SUCCESS and do it ON PURPOSE.

He Wants Me Fully Alive…

Not just going through the motions…

Not just getting by, living payday to payday…

Not just looking at success from the outside, in…

Me, continuously becoming the best ME possible… a ME who uses all my talents in His service — to Love More… Serve Better… and Glorify Him by respecting His expectations for me.

To become everything He created me to be: Fully Alive… spiritually, emotionally, personally and of course, financially — living in prosperity and in His munificent abundance.

Yes, I truly believe that this is EXACTLY what God wants… not just for me… but for YOU too!


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