Growing in Grace & Joy

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 “Lord, You know of my ongoing astonishment concerning the depth of your grace that overshadows every aspect of our lives.  Not only the forgiveness of our sins, but all that your Presence means to us because of Your grace: every day.  Therefore, I ask You to read to my heart as I reflect on the various shades of grace seen in these quotes.  In Jesus’ Name I pray, Amen!” ~ Lee Wise

Reflections on Grace & Joy…

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We owe it all to grace.  All.  

Our blessings and our joys.

Our victories and our comebacks from intended victories turned sour. 

Our wisdom given and strength received when worldly wisdom has failed… again. 

Our freedom from the slavery of sin and forgiveness when sin visits us one more time.

Our everything.  

As you read, reflect, praise and pray… be sure to rejoice in the grace He so freely provides.         

And with those brief thoughts in mind, enjoy the video below as a part of your “grace journey” here.

I love it.  Just love it.

Lord willing, this song will be played when I cross over to the other side and others here reflect on the grace given to one Lee Wise — one young Marine saved by His amazing grace over 46 years ago now.  Praise Jesus!  

Enjoy These Original Inspirational Quotes!

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Following about a three year search for God, Lee trusted Christ as Savior in 1967 as young Marine. He has served as an outreach pastor and a church planter. The Lord also led him to serve as the Director of Internships at Baptist Bible Seminary in Clarks Summit, PA where he served for over 20 years. Lee loves to write, has a strong desire to be a positive influence for Christ in our world, and is passionate about family. And speaking of family, he and his wife Sherry (who served as a Director of Elementary Education for many years and recently retired) praise the Lord for being married 44 years, their 3 daughters and son-laws, and 7 grandchildren! Lee and Sherry would say: "We've been abundantly blessed."